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Decorating Your Home? Have You Checked Your Electrics?

Every few years you may wish to update the look and feel of your home to freshen it up or modernise it in some way.

New wallpaper on the walls, carpets or laminate flooring put down or a complete new bathroom or shower room needed.

This could be for yourself or with the view on selling on the property to a new owner.

But just before you head off to the tile suppliers or local DIY shop, there are certain things that you should have checked out before you proceed with decorating. This is so you do not have to undo any work completed causing extra costs and time wasting.

Depending on how old your house is it would be a good idea to have the electrical wiring serviced beforehand to make sure that it is safe and will be for years to come. This way the contractor will go through the house thoroughly and spot any damages or faults that are present and correct it.

In some instances, depending on the age of the building, you may need a complete rewire job. If this the case it will be a little expensive but worth it as you will have safe electrics for years to come. This could be for yourself or if you are selling the  house the property price may rise slightly as the new owner will not need any electrical wiring done for the foreseeable future.

Obviously if you have a new build home or have purchased a property that has recently been refurbished than you will most likely have new wiring throughout. If so you should have certification among the documents that this has been done when you purchase.

The electrical services contractor that you employ should have references and solid qualifications and should be a member of a governing body which ensures that they are competent and insured.

For this you should seek out a local electrical services company for some advice on the matter.

There are many electrical contractors in London that are competent to the job for you. You will need to seek out the best that are available in your area.