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A Review Of The Luxurious Hotels In UK

The UK is home to beautiful and luxurious hotels as places of accommodation. If you are planning a trip to the UK, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many luxurious hotels and accommodation spots the country has to offer. Whether you are looking to enjoy English breakfast in London or that perfect cream tea in Devon, you have it all under your feet. Here is a look at some of the 5-star hotels which will blow your mind as you visit the UK;

  1. Cadogan Gardens; the beautiful interiors of this hotel is what will immediately catch your attention juts at a glance. Once frequented by the world’s famous historians and explorers, this cute eccentric British garden hotel is more than you bargained for. Located in London’s most famous neighborhood, Chelsea, you will find 56 rooms full of character, rich fabrics and marble bathtubs. While we are at it, the Natural History museum and the Avant Garde are all a walking distance.
  2. Alexandra hotel and Restaurant; if you love a perfect seaside retreat while sipping that afternoon tea, then this is the place to be. You will love the fresh air and a view of beautiful gardens in this old fashion yet elegant hotel which gives a cool blend of hotel and holiday home. Perfect for a romantic getaway.
  3. Ashdown Park Hotel; this is a placeof those who want to escape form the choking environment of the city life. It is situated in a cool countryside setting so expect to see a number of deers roaming freely. The woodland walks offers perfect opportunity to enjoy solitude moments or jogging.

These are just some of the many luxurious and boutique hotels UK boasts of. Take a peek into the country and let your imaginations run wild as you explore various luxurious hotels.

Laptop lifestyle towards Sofia, Bulgaria

The Laptop lifestyle us happening around the world and ClickDo CEO Fernando is the man who travels every month to a new country.

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Travel with escorts

You may be asking yourself, why on earth would I travel with an escort when I can travel with my friends and family. You would not be the first person who asks a question like this. But there are many benefits of traveling like this.perfect woman to travel with

If you have a money and time, chances are that most of your friends or family don’t have as much time as you, because they work 9-5 and they can travel just once in a year. So  If you don’t have any travel companion it’s easy to just hire a pretty girl who knows how to make your stay in a new city pleasant. These girls have done it so many times, that by now they know exactly what clients like and what they dislike.

They know the city

The other massive benefits that these girls were most of the times born in the city that you are visiting. So they know exactly which places to avoid and which places to visit.

They will save you money Travel with escorts

This might seem strange as you pay these girls for their time, but they know which place is worth visiting and which place is just a rip-off. The other thing is that they will not take you to the touristic restaurants where you spend a crazy amount of money for bad food. Even though escorts have tight bodies they know which place has the best typical food.


If you hire high class escorts for your trip you’ll realize that your holiday becomes much more enjoyable as these girls will take care of everything that you will need.

EHIC – A Must Have Traveler’s Health Insurance Card In Europe

The recent Brexit referendum in the UK was indeed one of the greatest political decisions that the country has made in a long time! It’s a decision that the British made to exit the European Union, and that decision must be respected. However, so many rumors and lies have been peddled that today, the average Briton is more confused than informed, regarding just how their relationship with the EU will turn out to be. Shall we be able to travel or do business in other EU nations? Shall EU citizens visit and get jobs in the UK? And what about the cooperation in areas like health, shall the EHIC cards still be usable? These are questions that neither Nigel Farage and nor Boris Johnson, two of the strongest proponents of Brexit will never answer you; but the truth is that the UK still remains a member of the European Family and as such, the cooperation in various areas will continue. There is even talk that the UK may remain a part of the EU, until around 2019. During this time, you can still use your EHIC card while traveling across the EU.

Why is it important to have a traveler’s health insurance card in Europe?

  • An EHIC card helps you access affordable healthcare in an EU nation, when the need to arises, let’s assume that you’ve traveled to Greece or Italy for holiday, and happen to get some medical complications that require urgent checkups. Just like you would seek treatment in a State run hospital here in the UK, you will do so in those countries with this card. The card works the same way NHS does, only that it is functional in all the 28 countries of the EU. This should be good news to those traveling across the EU and are prone to constant checkups, for instance expectant ladies.
  • EHIC card also covers pre existing conditions you may have when traveling abroad. In other words, you don’t have to compromise your holiday in any destination of your choice, simply because it’s far from the regular medical checkups you require. An valid EHIC card till give you access to dialysis, insulin injections, and other medical procedures that most people with pre existing conditions require on a day to day life. However, you cannot use the card for non essential medical procedures like plastic surgeries, boob and tummy tucking, orthodontics, and so on so forth. These are more for aesthetic purposes than necessitated by medical needs; you’d have to pay for those from your own pocket.
  • Another beauty of traveling with your EHIC card is the fact that if it were to get lost, you can get a replacement pretty fast. This means that you would never be denied healthcare or treatment in any State run health facility. A provisional certificate offered helps you to access the health services as you wait for a replacement of your card. In most cases, you’ll get the provisional replacement certificate ready immediately.
  • The application time for an EHIC card is short, and if you are looking to travel on a short notice, you still can apply for it from a reliable website very fast. Most websites offering EHIC cards will get them as soon as you need them, and you therefore have no reason not to apply for yours today. It is not enough to have a health insurance policy; an EHIC card helps you save more, and besides, it acts as a last line of defense in case you find yourself in need of medical attention while on the go in the EU.


Make a point of applying for your EHIC card today from a reliable website, before traveling across the EU.

Read the EHIC Facebook Page for more information.