How to Earn Money Online Blogging From Home In UK

If you know how to start a WordPress blog in 5 minutes and write SEO friendly content you are good to start earning money online while working from home in the UK.

On this page we want to explain to you how you can start a blog in 5 minutes. Watch the below video first:

Tips To Create A WordPress Blog And Do SEO Step By Step


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And now you got a blog started. So what;s next?

Can you write good English? – Oh come on you are in the UK, so you should be able to write good English. So then you are good to start earning online!


You can read the entire guide by Fernando on this page

Hope you learned how to do on page SEO perfectly for your blog, because that’s very important to get your business website/blog ranked on the web. or else if you even want to blog for others and get paid, you SEO friendly content writing has to be good.

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